Welcome to Coin4.me!

This site is dedicated to gifting free Bitcoins to raise awareness of this new digital currency. You’ll be able to access free Bitcoins on our site by referencing special URLs/codes found in local geocaches or fliers around your town.

For example, you may find a URL like http://coin4.me/17RUiX. By accessing this unique URL, you’ll be granted access to a Bitcoin wallet with a few Bitcoins. These Bitcoins have been donated anonymously and you are free to do with them as you please. It is our hope that you will find the new currency and technology interesting, use them, and spread the word of their existence. These unique URLs might be shared at several locations, so if you get here late, the Bitcoins may have already been taken and you’ll have to try your luck with another geocache or flier location.

How can I give free money away? The Bitcoins given away on this site come from profits of sold Bitcoin items, donations, website advertising returns, and money earned by early mining of Bitcoins.

To find out more about Bitcoins, visit http://LoveBitcoins.org.